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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Desert Beauty
A Desert Beauty

Two geocaches closer to home. This part of the country is desert. As we walked to the first cache this morning, I guess I was still half asleep, because of bumped into a cactus plant. My hand still smarts where I pulled the needles out.

Our second cache led us to even more remote desert landscape. We hiked a short distance; this place was dotted with short scrub like bushes and gnarled trees that looked parched from years of waiting for rain.

Today was a day of a thousand words. Cibachrome (Lee) and I took so many pictures, trying desperately to freeze the memory of the moments. We walked out onto the Coral Pink Sand Dunes. The sand really is as pink as flamingos. It has to something with the science of wind and particles and the geography of the place. The point is, the sand collects here and renews itself every day with the soft, constant breeze. The quiet reminded me of the Moses story from the Bible and the holy ground and the burning bush.

We visited Zion National Park. The mountains are indescribable. Portions look as if sleeping giants had been thrown up from the center of the earth, jutting up hundreds of feet. Other places looked like petrified lava flows. The striations that ran through the rocks were veins of yellow and red and grey and brown.

Then there was the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Despite the pictures, there's no way to truly show it. It has be experienced to be believed. Although we walked out to several observation points, we never saw the bottom of the canyon; yes, it's that deep. What I found fascinating was the historic lodge that hung off the edge of the rim. Huge stones formed the foundation with logs and other timber making up the walls. Very much a 1930s-40s feel. If you remember some of the Wonder World of Disney documentaries of the National Parks, you know what I mean.

Did we see the Colorado River? Glad you asked. We stopped along the road, walk out over a pedestrian bridge and peered down into the canyon to the slow moving river. Today it had a greenish tint with a cloud like silt floating in the middle of the channel.

The pictures we took throughout the day reminded me of those early television sitcoms where the host would pull out the Kodak projector, drop a tray of slides on the machine, and proceed to tell (and in some cases, retell) the story of what they did on their summer vacation. We promise not to do that (unless asked).

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