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Day 12 of the Big Trip

A Likely Place
A Likely Place

The countryside was not what we expected today. When you think of Oregon, you picture lush countryside and mountains and rich forests. The Oregon we saw was that, but it was also desert like in a lot of places, rolling plains, and lakes that were once mammoth now receding, revealing beaches made of salt.

And then there was northern California on its eastern border. The green color of most of the country we've seen is beginning to fade into the dusty browns of the desert here. It's still cattle country. We saw lots of signs indicating "free range cattle" although we didn't see many of those nomadic herds.

Geocaching was not the most of what we accomplished. Just one cache under our belts. Lots of miles in the geo-mobile. Cibachrome (Lee) took advantage of some of the unusual places to stop and photograph. The long lens on his Canon can grab a moment and freeze it forever that only that kind of photogaphy can do. I can't wait to see the results.

We're in the middle of the Nevada desert called Reno. A splurge on dinner and toasting our sanity, or what's left of it. Today is day 12 of the Big Trip. We have 14 caches left for this adventure. How did we get here? A "likely" story, some will say. Indeed, a story for years to come.

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