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Everyone Needs a Little Down Time

You can't keep a good dog down
You can't keep a good dog down

Today is day 9 of the Big Trip. It was a driving day to get us to Missoula, Montana. It was a laundry day. Time to change the oil in the geo-mobile. And just kick back. We called our fishing guide, Eric, this evening to set up the trip for Saturday. Rock Creek is our destination. He will pick us up at 9:00 and we'll spend the day in the zen state of mind that only fly fishing can create.

We walked around downtown Missoula once we checked into the hotel (the city was virtually sold out due to several sporting events) and  found several fly fishing outfitter shops. Naturally, we had to explore each. The outfitter across the parking lot from the laundromat - Sparkle Laundry - was small, but full of gear; from rods to flies to clothing.

We were greeted by Jane (the picture above). She immediately adopted us and insisted we spend time rubbing her belly. You just can't keep a good dog down. Made me miss my pups at home.

Finished up our chores and headed to dinner at a local brew pub, down from the hotel. Our waitress inquired about my Garmin fitness band. Said she was thinking about getting one for her dad for Father's Day (what's that all about?). Then when Cibachrome (Lee) asked how old her dad was, she said 43. Ouch!

The beer was cold and refreshing. The burger bodacious. The quesadillas appetizing. And the atmosphere exciting. This is the home of the University of Montana and the downtown is buzzing with students, locals, and tourists. The architecture is fascinating. Bicycling is the cool thing. But the streets are jammed with cars (and the  lights are not configured to handle rush time).

When we pull out of town on Sunday, we head west a bit then south, then start east and home. We've found over half the geocaches we planned for this trip (in just 9 days; really 8, if you subtract today as the driving day). The territory is bigger out Montana-way. Sunday is an 8-hour drive before we get to the next geocache.

Several of the travel bugs we've dropped along the way, promoting Columbus GA, have already been picked up. It'll be fun to track them and watch their journey as they make their way back to Columbus and the geocache we've hidden at the Visitors Center. Forty-eight new stories waiting to be told.

For more family fun geocaching adventure check out the RiverWalk GeoTour in Columbus GA

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