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Is It About the Numbers?

A Geocacher Expert[
A Geocacher Expert[

I just read a blog about how geocaching isn't about the numbers and to prove, the writer encouraged cachers to take a test. Answers were assigned a numeric value. Really? Not about numbers? At any rate, after completing the test, the scores ranked the geocacher as to their level of expertise and competency as a cacher.

I scored 127. According to the rating "126-152 points – Very few geocachers are as experienced and active as you. You might be one of the pioneerss, or you have been *very* busy for an intense period of time. Whatever the case, you deserve an honorable mention. Any serious geocachers knows who you are!"

By the way, anything higher..."You have maxed out all the answers! You have either been disshonest, or you are *the* geocacher. We can only congraulate you – everyone worships you!"

The Great Trip update - almost all of our travel bugs (49) have been recorded and moved. None have made it home.

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