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Red White and Christmas

Red White and Christmas
Red White and Christmas

There's a place in Illinois called Orangeville, population 793. It is day number six of the Big Trip. It's raining and the wind is blowing across the plains. We have been on the road for almost four hours today and just claimed one of three caches for the day. It's lunch time. Orangeville is the closest thing to civilization.

We made the quick drive down the highway to a place called Mau's Haus Pub & Grill for lunch.

This was an obvious favorite hang out. Our hostess pointed out that today's special is an all you can eat Mexican buffet. The other menu items included pizza, assorted sandwiches, wings, burgers, and salads (we think pizza is their specialty). We opted for burgers and fries. It just felt right, if you know what I mean. The kind of place where the burgers are old fashioned - bun, thick hamburger patties, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, the works! All delicious. All devoured with gusto.

I noticed one of those white artificial Christmas Trees by our table. It was decorated with red, white, and blue ribbons - I suspect leftover from the Memorial Day Celebration the day before. Wonder how long the tree has been up? And why it's never been taken down? But somehow it just fit in with everything else going on in Mau's House. From the older couple sitting at another table counting change to pay for their lunch (I thought they were playing poker, the way they were meticulously counting bills and change) to the dozen or so folks sitting at the bar enjoying their lunches, talking among themselves with the occasional glance at the big screen TV that hung over the assorted brands of whiskeys and other adult beverages.

Orangeville is just one of our discoveries on this Big Adventure. A place where Main Street was decked out; an American flag on every flagpole. Where folks came in from the nearby farms to eat and talk and catch up with one another. A place where the spirit of Christmas never stops.

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