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Riders on the Storm

A storm moves across the plains
A storm moves across the plains

Another extraordinary day of caching in middle America. A friend of ours just made a cross country trip and said that an eagle appeared out of nowhere and flew along for a bit during his ride. He said it was a sign that someone was watching over him.

Two ducks flew out in front of us along the highway and almost hit the car. Not sure what that had to do with anything, but birds were involved.

You think of strange things riding all those miles. The landscape is almost completely flat and its cattle country. There are cows everywhere. I asked Cibachrome (Lee) if the cows knew when was time to come home?

We ran into one of those midwestern storms you hear about. Just enough rain to wash the bugs off the windshield and lightning in the far off distance to create that sense of wonder. With the land being spread out like it was, watching the storm move across the plains made us feel small and appreciate the people who work this land.

Another observation. The soil here is as black as asphalt or coal dust. My garden could sure use some of this stuff.

We are almost two days ahead of schedule. We pushed ourselves today, day seven. Hope to reach Montana by Friday to wash out some dirty clothes and plan a fly fishing trip on Saturday before we get back to it.

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