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RoadTrip 2015 - Celebrating 15 Years

Favorite Cache Newnan, Ga
Favorite Cache Newnan, Ga

Part of the festivities taking place at Groundspeak to mark the 15th anniversary of geocaching, another Challenge has been thrown at geocachers. They're calling it Road Trip 2015.

From June 19th through September 2nd a series of five very different kinds of caches need to be logged in order to win the Road Trip Hero souvenir.

Cibachrome and I became truly aware of this challenge at the eleventh hour. With just seven days to complete the series, we put our thinking caps on to figure out what had to be done. Cibachrome took to the maps and researched the series and announced it could be done and that we could do it in a single day - timing is everything.

We hit the trail Thursday afternoon (Aug 27th) and headed west.

The challenged required 1) an Earth Cache, 2) a Difficulty 5 Cache, 3) an Event Cache (meet and greet), 4) a Puzzle Cache, and 5) a Favorite Cache (with 10 or more likes).

The trip to us to Auburn for the Earth Cache, Roanoke for the Difficulty 5 Cache, and Newnan for the Event and Favorite Caches. We had grabbed the Puzzle Cache a week earlier when we visited  the Tuskegee National Forest.

Our souvenirs for the accomplishment include:

  • Fun with Favorites
  • Meet Your Road Trip Crew
  • Let's get Extreme
  • High Five for the Earth
  • Put Your Thinking Cap On

The final reward is the Road Trip Hero designation.

The trip included taking us to new and different places and meeting some great people.

Cacher always have good stories.

If you're looking for another adventure that lasts year round, check out the RiverWalk GeoTour in Columbus, GA.

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