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Stopping in Unusual Places

Today is day 13 of the Big Trip and not that we're superstitious, but we wanted to take care in our travels today as not to invoke the luck or lack of that one attributes to that which is between twelve and fourteen.

Our first cache was a doozy. Even our backup geocache failed us - not large enough to accept the travel bug. Then we found a likely candidate at the Chamber of Commerce Office. Turns out the Chamber was closed and would not reopen until it completed a move sometime in February (how is that possible)? Our final search brought to a small street between two shops of some kind and a pink magazine (or newspaper) stand. The container was a mess with the log book on the ground and its contents missing except for the cache receptacle. We put everything back together as best we could and dropped the Springer Travel Bug.

On our drive across Nevada, two things of note. Besides miles and miles and miles and miles (and miles) of desert, we came across Lake Walker. This is one of those strange sites that is hard to explain. The lake is huge - 18 miles long and 7 miles wide. We pulled off the road so Cibachrome (Lee) could make magic with this camera. I piddled around a bit and built a small cairn to join the others that had been placed, like small rock men standing silently in the desert sun.

The other was the drive on the Extraterrestrial Highway - you know, Area 51. And yes, we did stop by the Little A'le Inn. This is a small store and inn in the middle of "nowhere" that has capitalized on the conspiracy theories and X-file stories of alien crashes and cover ups. It is pure genius. We've been told this stretch of highway has the most concentration of geocaches than anywhere else. But that's for another day and another trip.

Tomorrow morning we will log out 35th geocache for the Big Trip. This week (Thursday) will mark two weeks of being on the road. Are we homesick, you bet. Are we having fun, absolutely. We hope to walk the rim of the Grand Canyon and visit the ghosts of the Cliff Dwellings before making a hard turn eastward.

p.s. we discovered that another couple are geocaching the lower 48. They've broken their trip into three separate excursion; sometime in June they will start their final leg of their trip. I write this to say that of all the caches in their travels and ours, that we actually logged the same one; what are the odds of the hundreds and hundreds of geocaches out there? It's a big country, but little things bring us together.

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