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The First of the Travel Bug’s From the Big Trip

The journey there and back
The journey there and back

It took eight months, but the first of the 48 Travel Bugs we set out during the BIG Trip has arrived back in Columbus, GA. Her name is "Ma Rainey House Museum" for the historical Columbus landmark honoring the legendary "Mother of the Blues" Ma Rainey. This TB traveled over 3200 miles starting off in Vermilion, Ohio back in late June when the BIG Trip was underway. The map shows a portion of the journey across most of the midwest and to the south until finding its way back to Columbus and to the home base geocache, Peaches Passports and Preserves, at the Visitors Center. There are 52 different logs by geocachers that helped bring this TB back. Many thanks for all of the people who touched it, read the story about ma Rainey and the house museum in Columbus, and of course moved it along.

For more family fun geocaching adventure check out the RiverWalk GeoTour in Columbus, GA 800.999.1613

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