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The Places We’ve Been (on our summer vacation)

We're home. After 19 days (I think) of traveling and 9,015 miles and 145 hours behind the wheel. Forty-eight states. What's left to be said?

  1. Anderson, SC
  2. Asheville, NC
  3. Johnson City TN
  4. Gate City, VA
  5. Pikeville, KY
  6. Weston, WV
  7. Frederick, MD
  8. Wilmington, DEL
  9. New Brunswick, NJ
  10. Old Saybrook, CN
  11. Ashaway, RI
  12. Newbury Port, MA
  13. Kittery, Maine
  14. Milford, NH
  15. Bennington, VT
  16. Corning, NY
  17. Eerie, PA
  18. Vermillion, OH
  19. Sylvania, WI
  20. Elkhart, IN
  21. Rockford, IL
  22. "Nowhere" WI
  23. Dubuque, IA
  24. Leroy, MN
  25. Sioux Fall, SD
  26. (South of Yankton) NE
  27. Beulah, WY
  28. Bowman, ND
  29. Laurel, MT
  30. Orofind, ID
  31. Walla Walla, WA
  32. John Day, OR
  33. Alturas, CA
  34. Reno, NV
  35. St. George, UT
  36. Fredonia, AZ
  37. Farmington, NM
  38. Durango, CO
  39. Coolidge, KS
  40. Guymon, OK
  41. Spearman, TX
  42. Joplin, MO
  43. Clarksville, AR
  44. Monroe, LA
  45. Vicksburg, MS
  46. Mobile, AL
  47. Pensecola, FL
  48. Georgetown, GA

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