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Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here

We saw a lot of small towns today. Most of the day we spent on small roads that took us to typical towns you see in the movies when you think America.

Clapboard homes, farms with stone silos, fields freshly tilled awaiting the spring seed. We saw whitewashed churches, not as many as  you do back home, and ancient cemeteries where families come to rest.

Of course there was the Interstate, but nothing brutal about the drive like yesterday.

Had supper in a pizzaria in Corning, NY tonight. I promise you, the lady behind the counter running the ovens looked like Charlize Theron. Even sounded like her from the movie "The Italian Job." The food was great and the beer cold.

Downtown Corning was closing up its GlassFest. Looks like everyone had a great time.

This is day 4 of the 48 state geocaching trip. Nearly 36 hours of driving. Sixteen geocaches under our belts. Dropping off TBs to that promote our hometown along the way,

For more family fun geocaching adventure check out the RiverWalk GeoTour in Columbus GA

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  1. […] the rails to trail walk on a crisp morning in Vermont, or the conversation over pizza and beer in Corning, NY, or coming out of the rain in Orangeville, Ill after a hike, soaking wet and a small dine and town […]

    By Columbus RiverWalk GeoTour – The Geocaching on December 31, 2015

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